Subdivision: A Solo Exhibition at Merchants of Reality

With embroidery, ink paintings, and mixed media, images of the suburban sprawl are presented from a decidedly contemporary vantage point: the sky. Satellite technology, a cornerstone of our digital epoch, often creates distant, abstracted imagery of the planet, and offers a distinctly digital-age perspective of our familiar California landscapes.  The rich data mine of historical satellite imagery available via internet (most notably Google Earth), also allows us to see the progression of construction in California through the last thirty years.  The work portrays human activity from this perspective, leading one to contemplate our effects on the land, natural resources, and the nature of these large-scale, automobile dependent, corporately developed housing communities.

Postcards, mexican sage

Colorado River, 2017

Subdivisions (East County), 2015 and Homes, Sweet Homes, 2017

Frontier Series, 2014

Monterey Ave, Palm Springs, 2017, and Subdivisions, El Cajon, 2016

Cathedral City, Detail

Colorado River, detail

Homes, Sweet Homes, Detail

Cathedral City and Facebook HQ, 1948, 1991 and Present, 2017